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Cooking For Your Life!
The Canadian Diabetes Association recipe for good health

Living healthy with diabetes doesn’t have to mean eating a boring and restrictive diet and the Canadian Diabetes Association’s Cooking For Your Life! Program can teach you how.

The hands-on cooking and nutrition program shows participants how to prepare simple, healthy meals that include a variety of flavourful ingredients and are easy to prepare. Co-taught by a registered dietitian and chef, Cooking For Your Life! will show you how eating healthy can be the spice of life. The hands-on course runs for four weeks, including cooking and nutrition sessions and a hands-on shopping tour.

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Who should attend?

Anyone with an appetite for better health! It doesn’t matter whether you cook like a gourmet or don’t know how to boil water. Our qualified instructors will give you as much instruction as you need.

What will I learn?

Week 1 - Basic Principles for a new way of eating

Learn the basics of healthy eating and how nutrition and health are closely linked. Explore the first steps that help you turn traditional recipes into exciting and healthy new menus. Develop a personal action plan. Learn that small changes make a big difference. Have fun preparing a meal from scratch!

Week 2 - Eating to Stay Healthy

Discover the role carbohydrates, fat and fibre play in helping to prevent or lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease and other nutrition-related illnesses. Find out how these nutrients help you to look after your health. Whip together a meal with your culinary classmates.

Week 3 - Interactive Shopping Tour

Learn how to read and use food labels. Gain confidence in selecting healthy food choices and discover new foods.

Week 4 - The Importance of Menu Planning

Find out how to add variety and good taste to everyday dishes. Take home practical tips on how to plan mouth-watering meals. Learn how meal planning helps you to achieve more success with weight management, blood glucose control, general health and well being.

What will I gain from the course?

How do I register?

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