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The Asthma Clinic - Resources & Definitions

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease found in your airways that causes Inflammation and Bronchoconstriction (muscle tightening). Symptoms of Asthma may include any of the following:


At the first appointment the Asthma Educator will have you perform Spirometry.

Asthma Triggers

These are things that can make your asthma worse:

On ways to control these triggers talk to your doctor about seeing the Asthma Educator.

Asthma Medications

There are two types of Asthma medication:

Asthma Self Monitoring Technique

A great way to make sure that your asthma is under control is to monitor your Peak Flow.

Personal Asthma Action Plans

An Asthma Action Plan is useful for someone with asthma as it outlines what to do when your asthma gets worse.

Tips to Improve Asthma Symptoms

Air Quality Index

A health risk-based air quality index (AQHI) has been developed over the past five years through a federally led multi-stakeholder process. In 2005, British Columbia was the first province to test this new index, running a pilot project in four communities in the Thompson-Okanagan region. For more information, check the Airplaytoday web site.

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